How to reset the Throttle Position Sensor ( TPS )

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How to reset the Throttle Position Sensor ( TPS )

Postby rhyds » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:31 pm

The MEMS fuel injection system uses a Throttle Position Sensor (Also known as a TPS, throttle sensor or throttle pot / potentiometer) to provide information on the position of the throttle butterfly (surprisingly!). This allows the MEMS unit to tailor the fuelling, idle speed and other parameters to the engine's running condition, be that idle, coasting or acceleration. The sensor is basically a variable resistor (like the volume control of a radio).

To work correctly, the MEMS unit needs to know the resistance value of the TPS when the throttle is closed and throughout the throttle's travel. These values are usually factory set, but if you replace the throttle body/TPS or adjust the throttle cable they will need to be re-set. This can also help if you suffer from strange idle issues such as a very fast idle or a an uneven idle speed.

To re-set the TPS' operating range, follow this procedure:

    Check the throttle is closing fully and that the throttle cable is correctly adjusted (just a smidge of play in the cable)

    Turn the ignition to position 2 (oil pressure/engine management lights on, but engine not running)

    Press the throttle pedal smoothly to the floor and release, repeat 10 times

    Start the engine
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Re: How to reset the Throttle Position Sensor ( TPS )

Postby Rover45Driver » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:34 pm

When I start my car, the revs is at 1,200 roughly. Takes a while before it goes down to 750. Now when I set off at 1,200 it Judders about abit like someone is rocking the car. Will this TPS Reset cure this then?
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Re: How to reset the Throttle Position Sensor ( TPS )

Postby talkingcars » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:52 am

Not quite correct.

The procedure should be carried out on a cold engine.

Peddle should be smoothly and fully depressed and released FIVE times in thirty seconds.

Then wait while the stepper adjusts - with the bonnet open you can hear it buzzing (and with your head under the bonnet you can see it).

Start the engine.

It is worth noting the main reason it goes out of adjustment is constantly starting without waiting for it to adjust when you first start the car.
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Re: How to reset the Throttle Position Sensor ( TPS )

Postby Benny » Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:57 pm

Wonder if he got it from here?
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